Cute Baby Zebra

Only 2 weeks until race day and I’ve just raised the fundraising bar to £300.  Eek!  Luckily I have the youngest and by far the cutest fan out there cheering me on.


Happy Zebras!


Zebra Talk



Look over there!

Can you spot the family resemblance?  This is my adorable niece, Amelie-Rose, and I’ll be seeing her this weekend for some last minute tips and support (by which I mean cuddles and gurgling).  If you think that’s cute – DONATE!  I’m nearly at £200 and really want to reach £300 by race day.  Thanks!!

In stripes I stride,

C x


Kit is everything

What’s stripy and green?

Me on race day!

I got my Macmillan vest today and I’ll be wearing it with pride on 11th May 🙂

I was cheering on the Oxfam runner’s at the London Marathon this weekend and I’m feeling really geared up for the Town and Gown. Those marathon runners were so inspiring! If they can do 26 odd miles then I can easily do 6.2 in a onsie.

Bring on the challenge! Woo!



24 hours later

Just 24 hours after telling the world I’m running for Macmillan I’ve reached 55% of my fundraising target!

How incredible is that?!

I didn’t get round to a run tonight (the pouring rain definitely had nothing to do with that…) but I’m going to get a wriggle on and make sure I beat last week’s distance in training.  Got to earn that money!

So I’d like to say a  massive THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated and please KEEP IT COMING! 🙂

In stripes I stride,

C x

p.s I’ve finally been able to place the music on the video I made – it reminds me of Sex & the City!

5 weeks to go!

I feel like week 1 of training has gone really quickly!!  And what’s even better, Run Keeper says I covered 25.6 km!  That was about 8k on Tuesday, 7k on Wednesday and 10k on Saturday.  So I’m feeling good 😀

I’ve registered my race with Macmillan and they’ll be sending me a fundraising pack and vest soon. I’ve also been spreading the word about Oxford Town and Gown and hopefully Zoe Copson might join in the race with me and Pierre!  Very exciting!

Think that’s all for now. Bring on a second week of training!!

In stripes I stride,

C x


I saw a poster like the one below and decided to tailor it slightly to fit my situation.  Why?  Because sometimes it’s scary stepping outside your comfort zone i.e. running in a hot, uncomfortable zebra outfit.  It’s easy to forget the reason why you’re putting yourself through something difficult.

This poster reminds me that you can only achieve amazing results by going through something challenging.  Just think of someone you admire or look up to.  Have they experienced some hardship in their lives? And overcome it?  Is that why you look up to them?

Exactly.  Achieving amazing things isn’t meant to be easy. So embrace being outside your comfort zone. It’s good for you 😉

Comfort Zone

Run #1

Transformation into a Zebra has begun!

Zebra Transformation Has Begun!

This evening I went for my first run since signing up to the Town and Gown.  This photo captures everything I was feeling before I set off:






Ready to take on THE WORLD!!

As you can see, I’m already beginning to channel my inner zebra through these particularly spangly leggings which, incidentally, are by far the comfiest item of clothing I have ever worn.

I was lucky enough to be joined on the run by the wonderful Marlies and Helen.  We did a nice steady jog, covering about 8.25 km. Not too shabby for a Tuesday!

They say the first step is often the hardest, so it should all be downhill from now on, right?

In stripes I stride,

C x




No going back…

It’s totes offish!  Confirmation email received and payment processed.

As the tagline suggests, I now have exactly 6 weeks to train for the Oxford Town and Gown when I will run 10k, that’s 10,000 metres, dressed in a zebra onsie.

Follow me as I embark on this journey of discovery that will take me to new levels of exhaustion, embarrassment and extreme body heat.

I will try to post regularly throughout the weeks leading up to the race and don’t forget to watch out for a variety of money-raising initiatives I will be throwing your way!  This whole challenge is about raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, in memory of my Gran, so please be generous and donate.

In stripes I stride,

C x