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I saw a poster like the one below and decided to tailor it slightly to fit my situation.  Why?  Because sometimes it’s scary stepping outside your comfort zone i.e. running in a hot, uncomfortable zebra outfit.  It’s easy to forget the reason why you’re putting yourself through something difficult.

This poster reminds me that you can only achieve amazing results by going through something challenging.  Just think of someone you admire or look up to.  Have they experienced some hardship in their lives? And overcome it?  Is that why you look up to them?

Exactly.  Achieving amazing things isn’t meant to be easy. So embrace being outside your comfort zone. It’s good for you 😉

Comfort Zone


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Disastrously confident, completely bizarre and blindingly enthusiastic about the strangest discoveries. Studio Connie is essentially a space where I want to explore all manner of things, from serious issues one week to my latest knitted creation the next. Enjoy!

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